Arivid International has over 15 years of experience in product development, sourcing and manufacturing. We can serve as bridge between buyer and manufacturer in an efficient manner for any kind of product. Our goal is to achieve our commitment, which is: "providing best quality products to our clients with the best service including time frame and prices. We always work under international standards and serve our customers in all over the world. To meet different requirements from our overseas customers we have expert dedicated team to fulfill their order

Our Mission.

To fulfill those statutory obligations all of our customers, maintain a fair and equitable trading environment in which local and international businesses can thrive and promote. To do so in partnership with other agencies and stakeholders in a way that not only adds value to the services but also directly supports corporate client’s aims and values.

Our Vision.

Through a process of continuous improvement, to work towards a high quality of life for everyone by driving the creation of a secure, sustainable and healthy export trading .